Zulaa C.
Castro Valley, CA

I am so glad to meet Dr Key .He is truly magical !I have a stomach pain like three years ! I went to so many different doctors they cannot find what's wrong with me finally I decided to go acupuncture so found . Dr Key that's the best thing happened to me . Just 2 Treatments Later-pain is gone thank you so much Dr. Key . You are a life changer !

Nelli K.
San Diego, CA

What an amazing human being and knowledgeable acupunture Doctor. This man really knows his field of work. He is very intuitive and knows exactly which methods would help cure your ailments and relieve pain. He is an expert in not only acupuncture but also does cupping, gua sha and has lots of teas and herbs that can be used to heal. He genuinely cares about your health and your diet and overall well being. He is also very accommodating with your schedule and checks up on you after appointments to make sure you're feeling well.

Dang L.
San Jose, CA

Hands down, my favorite place for acupuncture and herbs. Go here if you are experiencing any pain symptoms or just stressed out, you won't regret it. 5/5 stars for sure.

Dora R.
Castro Valley, CA

I walked into Dr Key's office a desperate mess and with a tall order for help with menopause symptoms, weaning off of prednisone, RA symptoms and weight gain issues. I also started a new job so the stress on my face must have been a bit intimidating. I don't need to know how he did it but just two months into my treatment plan I feel stronger, calmer, no menopause symptoms and I am getting close to being completely off of prednisone than I have been in over five years.

Christie Y.
San Francisco, CA

I came here to see Dr.Bahk for my neck and shoulder pain that have been bothering me everyday for many months now and after the first treatment already felt much better. Dr.Bahk followed up on my treatment and ensured that there was an improvement. He is very patient and took the time to listen to my problems and evaluated my symptoms. He truly cares about his patients. I got a treatment once a week. Long term relief started after several weeks of treatment. I am glad I came here and my neck and shoulder pain is much better now.

Tiffany L.
Santa Clara, CA

This is one of the most my favorite clinic in Dublin area. Not only great treatment, doctor Key makes me feel very comfortable when i went there. My pain goes away and also my mind is more relaxed. He also treats me with the herbs too. After taking his herbs, i feel much better. Highly recommend everyone come to his clinic.

Aimee R.
Pleasanton, CA

I have been seeing Key for Anxiety and Menstrual Irregularity for a few months now. He is very kind and knows a lot about what he is doing. My symptoms have changed drastically and I highly suggest going to him. He makes me feel very comfortable and welcome.

Jaydenn M.
Felton, CA

Dr. Key has helped me for over 1 year. He is an excellent listener and takes his time working with the patient to find the root cause of the symptoms and aliment. He puts together herbal formulas that have really helped me with whatever my symptoms are. I really appreciate that he takes the time to problem solve my symptoms that I want resolved. He has helped me with pain, premenopausal symptoms, and general wellness. Give Dr.Key your time you won't be disappointed.

Maomao Z.
Anaheim, CA

Dr. Key has been doing my anxiety treatment for three month, I have to say he is one of the most intelligent people I have met. With his help, my strong anxiety attack and panic attack has been almost gone away within only three months, I can see the apparent difference before and after the treatment. Not only treat me as a patient, he also share his experience and wise idea about the life when I asked for.

Heather D.
Milpitas, CA

Dr. Key is very skillful and knowledgeable at what he does. I went in for my neck and back pain initially but had many complains about insomnia, losing calcium, lack of iron and other minerals, etc. Dr. Key listened to all my complains patiently and came up with his own diagnose. He was able to get down to the root problem and use eastern medicine theory to treat my over-fatigue imbalanced body. I felt big release of accumulated free-radicals in my body after his acupuncture sessions. Together with his herbal medicine, I sleep better, have better appetite, my back and neck are no longer painful. I'm much more energetic and healthier than before thanks to Dr. Key!

Tai T.
Fairfield, CA

I was always skeptical about certain practices but Key overcame any doubt I ever had. I hurt my lower back lifting weights at the gym and he took the pain away. It almost felt like magic. I will always go to him and refer anyone and everyone to him for any physical therapy needs.

Ken M.
Pleasanton, CA

I had my first appointment with Dr. Key Bahk last week to address some pain in my joints as well as long lasting chemotherapy side effects. After the first visit, I could not believe how much better I felt. My ankles and feet felt so much better in a matter of a day or two. I will be going back now on a regular basis and I am so happy I was referred to this miracle worker! He has also guided me on the best herbal teas for my pain and inflammation. I highly recommend him to anyone having joint pain or any other body aches.

Suzanne H.
Alameda, CA

I came to see Dr. Key because of my Thyroid. I've never done acupuncture before and his kind, calm demeanor made me feel comfortable. He's very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. On my first session he took the time to listen to my issues, asked a lot of questions and looked at the real problem/s. After the first treatment I immediately felt better. After each treatment I feel better and better. His way works. If you listen to his advice, you will feel and get better fast. I'm so glad I found him and I will continue seeing him. I give him 5 stars! His knowledge and my experience changed my life for the better. I would definitely refer/ recommend him to family and friends.

James L.
Mira Loma, CA

I sprained my ankle and went over as an emergency visit. He was very courteous and pragmatic in his approach. He also found an ailment I've dealt without me even telling him (digestion). He found a couple points of circulatory problems and helped 2 in 1. My ankle and my circulation (and digestion). I walked out refreshed and 80% better on my ankle within 30 mins. EXTREMELY impressed with his work!!!

Huong C.
Santa Clara, CA

After recovering from COVID-19, I started having trouble with my digestion and felt very fatigued all the time. I felt extremely fatigued and sleepy about 30 minutes later regardless of how much I slept. I was referred to Dr. Key by a friend who instantly recognized the cause after the first examination and learning the symptoms I was experiencing. He performed the necessary personalized acupuncture treatment customized for me to help correct my imbalances and prescribed me to take an herbal medicine. I felt a drastic change in my energy level, appearance and experienced less symptoms after taking the herbal medicine for a week and more progress in my recovery as time went by. He helped me understand the issue and was able to help me take back control of my life. Thank you Dr. Key!

Fudge R.
Pleasanton, CA

My health took a turn for the worse in 2018 when I began suffering from horrible sleep problems/insomnia and uncontrollable widespread chronic pain...After less than 3 months of treatment with Dr. Key, my health has improved over 80%. I now believe that I will only continue to improve and even have a chance to reach my optimal health as I continue my treatment with him. Dr. Key's approach in treatment is extremely unique and thoughtful. He is a very kind and patient person and his bedside manner is so respectful. If I experience any set backs, he reminds me the importance of staying patient with myself and the process of healing that I am going through. His care and treatment has been life changing for me; I am experiencing improvements with my health and life in ways I never thought were possible again. I am so grateful to have found this clinic and to Dr. Key for his care and treatment.

Tran L.
East San Jose, San Jose, CA

I normally don't write a review but I need to do this to show my gratitude and appreciation. Dr. Key is a kind, care person with great sense of humor and very passionate in his work. Last year, my husband and I came to see him for infertility. He gave me good advices and after 3 treatments plus prescription of herbs, I got pregnant and my son now is 5 months old. My husband and I are very happy and appreciate for his care. A month ago, one morning after I woke up, I experienced left side of my face was paralyzed. I thought I had a minor stroke, so I went to ER and I was diagnosed with bell's palsy. My doctor recommended me to get acupuncture treatment. I immediately contacted Dr. Key and he was able to see me within 2 days. Now my face is back to normal after 4 visits. I am glad that I put my trust in him. Definitely I will seek for his care for any other issues in the future. I highly recommend Dr. Key.

Karla F.
San Francisco, CA

He is a real healer. I came in suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD due to panic attacks and after 6 sessions, I can finally feel like having a normal life is possible. He has also helped me with other stomach, muscular, hormonal problems and just overall to recover the balance of my life. In every visit, he takes his time to makes sure I'm comfortable and answers all my questions and concerns. He is always friendly, punctual and has a nice sense of humor. I've always been afraid of needles, but he is always careful and never hurts me....I haven't felt this great in a long time and I will always be eternally grateful to him for saving me from one of the worst periods of my life. Thank you for everything you've done! Thanks to you, I have recovered my life back.

Tiffany M.
Brentwood, CA

My anxiety and almost daily panic attacks had forced me to take a leave of absence from my job and I had just about given up hope. I was lost. My general physician was only interested in prescribing medication that didn't address the real issues but masked them behind side effects that were worse than the actual symptoms....It's been 6 weeks since that first meeting in Dr. Key's office. Six weeks since I looked into his eyes and knew that he would be the one to help me. For the first time in years, I feel like the person I was before life got in the way. I have found peace of mind, peace of body, and peace of soul. My work with Dr. Key will continue long past this review is posted because I believe that once balance is achieved, it is just as important to keep it in check. He gave me back the gift of myself and for that, I will be forever thankful. I love his calm and caring demeanor and the way he listens so carefully each week to ensure that he is providing me with the best level of care for my needs. He is the BEST!

Katherine C.
Manhattan, NY

Dr. Key is a very skilled practitioner. I benefitted from his deep knowledge of acupuncture and herbs to help me heal holistically. He is a real gem!

Mani B.
Hayward, CA

Dr. Key is a rare and a breath of fresh air when you're going through a tough time in life. I started my treatment with Dr. Key in 2020 for anxiety & trauma. He is caring, compassionate, smart, and extremely empathetic. Dr. Key just not gives you treatment, he goes to the root of the cause. He truly listens to your questions, doubts & fears and treats you as if you are his number 1 priority. Dr. Key is so dedicated to helping his patients, his wisdom, insight, and commitment are beyond anything I could have imagined. Overall Dr. Key is a gem and you could not be in better hands!!

Brandy T.
San Leandro, CA

Dr. Key is by far one of the absolute best acupuncturist I have ever experienced. Dr. Key is compassionate, intuitive and his level of care is extraordinary. Dr. Key has provided me so much relief while I've been suffering from extreme anxiety and women's health issues. I highly recommend Dr. Key to everyone.

Fizza K.
San Francisco, CA

I have been going to Dr. Key for 3 months and it has helped me. I have stomach issues and acupuncture really helps relives the pain. I recommend his services to anyone who is struggling with stomach issues. Dr. Key is really calm and listens to you and guides you along with the acupuncture. He really knows what he is doing, I trust him with what he is doing. He also gave me some herbs that helps relives stomach pain.

Rosemary B.
Dublin, CA

As someone who has never tried acupuncture before, I felt like I hit the jackpot. Dr. Key has made me very hopeful in my physical and mental recovery, something I have been needing help with for many years....I felt like he could hear the panic in my voice and offered me his earliest available appointment and I am so thankful he did...I have made it a point to continue with his practice because it really feels like it's changing my life. He pairs his acupuncture with cupping, and herbal medicine -- he seeks the best treatment plan specifically for you. I take his herbal medicines daily and paired with his acupuncture, I have seen such a great improvement within myself. People who know me can also see a change in me.. I am SO thankful, and feel SO SO SO lucky. Aside from his knowledge, Dr. Key has great energy and is a trusting spirit. He is very honest, accommodating, and really cares about his patients. I feel more energy and less anxiety. I'm over all happy, especially with the changes I see in myself due to his care and I look forward to every appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Key.. He is a little like magic.

Roger V.
San Francisco, CA

I have a Chronic lower back and leg muscle pain from a car accident in 2016. I have been treated with epidural injections in the past but the pain comes back after 6 months up to 1 year...I have friends that have been seeing Dr. Key for a short time and I noticed great changes on their health in a short time, that observation gave me the incentive to visit him and see if he could treat my condition without temporary man made pain killers. It's been 1 month that I've met and treated by this soft spirited gentleman and I'm getting better on every visit. Dr. Key is truly connected with your body symptoms and understands your health needs. He is truly blessed to apply this ancient practice of Acupuncture and Herbs. I highly recommend him, you will notice improvement on your first visit!

Savita N.
Dublin, CA

I highly recommend Dr. Key for acupuncture therapy. I have a chronic back pain for many years that flares up badly every few years. Nothing really has helped with the pain except for acupuncture that I tried 20 years back. So when I had this extreme sciatica pain and restricted movement, I called him up at a very short notice after reading positive reviews on Yelp. He accommodated my request quickly. I was very impressed with his calm demeanor and professionalism. As a scientist myself, I understood the passion he must have to possess a doctorate in Acupuncture and also impressed that his thesis was in women's gynecological issues. He has a very holistic approach using acupuncture, herbals and cups to tackle my pain problems and is currently treating my deeper health issues to improve the flow of my "chi" or energy. I also learned a lot about the science of acupuncture during the brief scientific discussions we have sometimes. I have seen a substantial improvement in my health and am sincerely thankful to Dr. Key for helping me in my journey to become a healthier me.

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Key is the best acupuncturist and herb doctor I have ever worked with! I grew up in China having experienced so many great traditional doctors so I'm definitely a well experienced judge on this. Dr. Key is the third acupuncture & herb doctor I have had in the Bay and I'm so glad I will never need to look for anyone anywhere else again. I have several internal & external problems that are both taken care of by Dr. Key and the results in one month is soooo beyond my expectations. His warm and caring way of acupuncture is by far the most painless yet effective experience I have had. As a mid-aged single female living in a foreign country, my own health has always been a big concern to me. Now with Dr. Key's help and treatment, or merely by his existence, I feel safe and hopeful. The natural treatment he provides can be a long-term health care plan that's beneficial to anyone with any conditions, plus he accepts insurance!!! Nothing can be better!!!