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Dr. Key Bahk, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., is a California Board licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, as well as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine certified by the NCCAOM. After graduating at the top of his class with a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of East-West Medicine, he went on to earn his doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Key is currently a professor at his alma mater UEWM, and teaches classes in Advanced Acupuncture as well as Herbal Formula.

Prior to committing to provide others with Eastern Medicine, Dr. Key worked in high tech companies after graduating University of Washington with an Electrical Engineering degree with various capacities in business and technology management. His transition into a health profession resulted from a long journey of self-searching.

"Throughout many business travels around the world over the years, I have witnessed countless impoverished families struggling with sickness and malnutrition, unable to access the health care help they needed. Though I was successful in the high tech industry, I saw that my skills were near useless in helping ward off their physical and psychological ailment. I was reminded that the same was true on the home front, since in my profession I knew nothing that would remedy my mother who was diagnosed with terminal illness. In her final stages, she relied solely on acupuncture and the traditional oriental healing arts. I was fascinated by what they were able to do for her and could not shake this traditional oriental medicine from my mind. It was then that the thought of healing was planted in my mind. And soon after, I realized the eastern medicine is the right path for me that will allow me to reciprocate what my mother - and, in turn, I - received, and also go back and untie some of the knots of ailment I've seen in past business trips."

Dr. Key attests his passion for Traditional Eastern Medicine and found that it offers to complete the capabilities of modern medicine through effective alternative treatment method specific to the individual need and their symptoms. He strives to offer specialties in the treatment of anxiety, traumatic stress relief as well as the pain and injury. Dr. Key employs acupuncture, herbal medicine and tui-na manual therapy to empower his patients themselves and take control of their own healing safely and without any adverse side effects. He holds a deep, emotional connection with his fields and shows his passion through total devotion to his work. He works with individuals to restore balance to their unique needs.

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