We thrive to help you as Eastern Medicine practitioners to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and stay well. We do not attempt to isolate and separate a disease from a person. The nature of the medicine we practice is holistic. We take your body, mind and emotions into account before any treatment plan is made. The Wellness concept is similar to changing your life style. Wellness demands for small changes in your life style. A little change like sitting rather than lying down, standing rather than sitting, walking rather than standing, climbing stairs over taking an elevator. These small changes along with a workout plan, balanced diet, and no smoking can bring positive result to your body. There are 8 aspects of wellness that must be in balance to reach the true wellness.

A simple list of Five Don’ts and a Dozen Do’s to keep you on track

The Five “Don’t”s

  1. Do not overeat. Fill 80% of your stomach with each meal.
  2. Do not talk too much. Be a good listener who really listens. You cannot  listen while waiting to speak. Remember why we have two ears but only one mouth.
  3. Do not get angry. Anger expedites aging process.
  4. Do not be greedy. Greed increases disease susceptibility.
  5. Do not use elevators. The legs are the second heart. This heart exercises only when you walk.

A Dozen “Do”s

  1. Do See and Learn something new. Be inspired by the world. Increase your understanding of surroundings.
  2. Do Walk more. Walk as much as possible. Walking improves your health. Train and exercise your legs, and think it as the second heart.
  3. Do take a warm bath. Daily warm bath will raise the body temperature and improve the immunity functions.
  4. Do excrete Urine and Stool regularly. Prevent accumulation of toxins in the body.
  5. Do practice Courage. Be courageous in everything you do. Hesitation won’t get you anything, but the courage will.
  6. Do Touch someone you love. Tender, loving care will awaken the bio-energy in our body.
  7. Do Laugh… even alone. Laughter gives health. Each laughter will keep the health and even bring back the mindful youth.
  8. Do Forget the past. The past will never come back. The past memory can cause confusion and disorder in reality.
  9. Do Meditate. Meditation awaken spiritual eyes that can grant peace and freedom.
  10. Do practice Mercy and Generosity. There is only one thing that we will leave behind us, It is, ‘Love’.
  11. Do practice Patience. Patience will always deliver ‘Love’ at the end.
  12. Do Love. Love has a great power. Love will makes you merciful and generous even to people with many faults.

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