Home Remedies: Garlic

December 21, 2019

Garlic can be used as home remedies to treat many conditions, such as; Psoriasis, Acne, Athlete’s foot, and Cold Sores.

Garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving psoriasis outbreaks by soothing inflamed skin and to reduce redness and swelling, shortening the duration of cold sores. Garlic works wonders against bacterial life forms.  Garlic helps to dry out large pimples and kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. Garlic’s anti-fungal properties make it effective treatment for athletes foot.

Garlic is also known to have important attributes of E. purpurea which has been clinically proven to increase white blood cells, spleen cells, the activation and competency for phagocytosis by human granulocytes, the production of autocrine regulators (hormonal molecules produced and secreted within organs or tissues), and most notably the reproduction of T helper cells.

There were many Koreans credited high use of Garlic in their diet for having near zero SARS cases in Korea during the 2005 SARS crisis.

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